Assure the Preservation of a Lifetime of Photos and Home Movies

Highest Quality Transfers and Restorations
Featuring free pickup and delivery in Ann Arbor and many parts of Washtenaw County with a minimum order.

We process both NTSC (North American Television Standard) and the European PAL formats. No matter where in the world your video was recorded, we can probably duplicate it to the digital domain.

More than a Simple Transfer or Duplication to Digital

Operating in Ann Arbor, Chelsea, and all of SE Michigan including Greater Detroit, we employ advanced image enhancement technology such as digital noise reduction and image stabilization to instantly clean, stabilize and preserve old VHS, BetaMax and Hi-8 videos in pristine DVD format. Each frame is cross-referenced with the frames immediately in front of and behind further refining and improving the overall image quality.

In addition special attention is given to precision de-interlacing of legacy video for display on modern progressive scan technology TVs and computers. A common practice in the duplication to digital of legacy video is to not de-interlace but simply pass along the interlaced scan format into the digital version. Modern TVs will then de-interlace the footage. However, the temporal information necessary for precise alignment of the fields is not present in the digital version. The TV will make successful educated estimates on those alignments ninety percent of the time. When fields are misaligned "jaggies" result. These happen so fast that they are generally not noticeable but do distract from the overall viewing experience. Our process aligns the fields during the original download when the temporal information is still available. This allows precision alignment of the fields for a true progressive frame digital version.

And also as with all of our family memory duplication to digital products, your product is packaged to look like the family heirloom that it is. Anyone finding your DVD in its professionally designed folding case will instantly know that it is something precious and personal.

We accept media recorded in either the European PAL or North American NTSC format.

Our price list is available for you to examine: General Duplication Pricelist

Why Transfer to DVD

Analog magnetic tape used in video is estimated to begin to show significant degradation after ten years. Digitally recorded tape may give the appearance of lasting longer because of its error correction and ability to drop frames without being noticed. Even consumer grade DVDs are subject to rapid aging making it extremely important to only use professional grade media when your memories are at stake.

Consider also Blu-ray

Professional grade CD-ROMS and DVDs, while they are estimated to hold their information for a hundred years, are susceptible to scratches and finger prints. When CDs (and later DVDs) were being designed in the 1970s, nobody imagined they would one day find their way into the hands of children. Blu-ray media, however, was designed with the family home environment in mind.

Why W. Cardone

W. Cardone Productions has the latest technology to do your photo and home movie transfer (we accept both prints and negatives) to DVD or Blu-ray disk. We offer options for restoring and/or improving the quality of both aged celluloid and video home movies as well as still pictures and audio.

The DVD and CD media we release on is of the highest quality costing roughly three times what is available to the consumer and is certain to last for decades. We print a full color photo quality label directly on the disk which resists water. In addition, we offer an archival grade DVD option which uses a 24ct gold reflective layer for ultra longevity.

Please call for details on what specific capabilities exist and for pricing. We offer free pickup and delivery. If you choose to use a credit card we use wireless technology at your door for maximum security.

Wedding and Event Videography Please visit our blog to see a wealth of information relating the transfer of legacy media. New information is added regularly.

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