Prices for Various Legacy Media Duplication Services

Home Movie Film Conversion and Duplication to DVD

Minimum $80.00 per order (i.e. film, video, transparancies, or print). There are no setup fees.

Film Format

Regular 8mm and Super 8mm




$                    0.24

 $    0.28

Per Foot

Music Added to Silent

$                    0.27

 $    0.30

Sound Film

$                    0.31

 $    0.33

We are currently offering a promotion of a complimentary music upgrade for both 8mm and 16mm silent films.

We offer to add as an option leader at $4.50 per reel for film reels that are missing it. Without leader the first couple feet of such a reel will not get duplicated to the digital domain.

Splicing is $4.50 per splice. When we accept your films we will inspect each reel in your presence. If we see a potential problem area we will point it out to you noting that a splice may be required. If a splice is required that we did not point out you will not be billed for it.

Custom titling is available at $4.50 per reel. Titling will appear as a still slide showing for a few seconds prior to the applicable reel being played. It can even be several lines if you like. Client must supply clearly legible text easily matched to the physical media. An email sent to us with the titling is required to minimize labor and therefore your cost.

Uncompressed digital media option is an additional $0.06 per foot. In addition to your DVD(s) you also receive the original digital computer files enabling you to edit yourself. Please include an external USB computer disk drive with your order.

Standard packaging is the slimline jewel case. Additional copies are $10.50 per disc in standard packaging.

Family Heirloom packaging option is an additional $9.00. This option is especially beneficial where multiple DVDs are in the order and makes your package look like the family heirloom that it will become.

Video Home Movie Duplication to DVD (Minimums applicable)
We duplicate to DVD, VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Hi-8, and 8mm Video. Our price for any of these NTSC (North American Standard) cassettes is $28.00 ($34.00 BetaMax) for the first 60 minutes plus $0.09 for each additional minute. To include the optional uncompressed media please add 20%.

Here is an Example of NTSC pricing:
A VHS cassette holding 73 minutes of content would be:

Standard DVD packaging ($28.00 + $0.09*[73-60]) = $29.17.
uncompressed option please add: $29.17 * 0.2 = $5.83

Media formatted for European and Japanese markets (PAL, SECAM, etc.) is $36.00 ($42.00 BetaMax) for the first 60 minutes plus $0.09 for each additional minute.


DVCPRO, DVCPRO-50, U-Matic and U-Matic SP Professional Media
Duplication to DVD
(Minimums applicable)
Our price is $65.00 per cassette. To include uncompressed media please add 20%.


Audio Duplication to CD (Minimums applicable)
We duplicate to CD and mp3 legacy records including 78rpm, 45rpm, LP albums, and audio cassettes. Our prices are
      $39.00 per audio cassette
      $43 per phonograph record
including mastering of the audio.
Reel-to-reel audio tape duplication to CD is $59.00 per reel.


Photo Print to CD at 600dpi (Minimums applicable)
3x4 and smaller -- $0.60 per photo
4x6in -- $0.85 per photo
5x7in -- $1.60 per photo
8x10in -- $3.40 per photo


Positive and Negative Transparancy Scanning (Minimums applicable)
35mm slides -- $0.90 first 140 slides, $0.72/slide additional
4x6in -- $5.40 per image
5x7in -- $10.80 per image
8x10in -- $14.20 per image

Includes infrared scan for precision dust and lint removal. Where beneficial it also includes a third scan for grain reduction and improved dynamic range.


Please keep in mind as you shop for a legacy media duplication service provider that we claim superlative quality. It is more than a simple claim. Please ask about our promotion of a free duplication of one 50 foot reel of home movie film (twelve 35mm slides) or read about it in other locations on our web site and blog. Samples of our work compared with other service providers are shown on our blog as well.